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How mySecondTeacher videos are different from YouTube videos

Published on August 4, 2023
How is mySecondTeacher Different from YouTube Videos?

So, you’ve been hearing about mySecondTeacher? 

If so, you must have realized that mySecondTeacher is a global online learning platform that is available in Nepal too! And you might have also seen some clips of Nepali curriculum-based  interactive videos for grade 11 & grade 12, like the one below:

Now you might be wondering: How are these videos any different from other educational videos found on YouTube?  

While they may seem similar at first glance, there are several elements in mySecondTeacher’s videos that make them stand out from other educational content on the internet.

In this blog, we will briefly explain some of these differences and what makes mySecondTeacher’s videos unique.

How is mySecondTeacher Different From YouTube Videos?

Mapped with Curriculum Development Centre’s (CDC) Curriculum

mySecondTeacher sets itself apart from YouTube videos by offering a comprehensive range of study materials and videos that are tailored specifically to the CDC mapped content. The video content available at mySecondTeacher are useful for NEB exams. This means that students can access high-quality educational video content that covers every chapter and topic for the major subjects of Grade 11 and Grade 12. The content on mySecondTeacher is designed to be engaging and interactive, and is created by experienced teachers who are experts in their respective fields. 

By using mySecondTeacher, students can be sure that they are getting accurate and up-to-date subject content that is relevant to their exams and will help them score better marks in their exams.

Videos Produced by Experts

Rest assured that the educational videos on mySecondTeacher are produced by professionals with extensive teaching expertise, who have meticulously researched and crafted their content. And with proper research, immaculately crafted animation, and student-friendly conversation, they are actually providing a massive boost to e-learning.

Unlike the variable quality of videos on YouTube, mySecondTeacher’s videos are consistently well-executed, delivering high-quality educational content that is both informative and visually appealing.

Award Winning Platform

mySecondTeacher is an illustrious academic delivery platform, celebrated for its exceptional performance and wide-scale adoption in 50 countries, including Nepal. It boasts of an exceptional team of professional educators who are supported by experienced Cambridge alumni educationists, to design, create, and implement its top-notch educational content. Its content is designed, created and implemented by professional educators, in consultation with Cambridge alumni educationists. 

The platform’s multiple awards are a testament to its unparalleled quality and effectiveness in delivering education. Overall, mySecondTeacher stands out as a remarkable tool for students and educators alike, offering a world-class educational experience.

Self Assessment

When it comes to watching course-related videos on YouTube, testing one’s knowledge on the topic is not an option. However, with mySecondTeacher, this limitation is eliminated. Moreover, mySecondTeacher effectively addresses various other challenges encountered by students who rely on YouTube videos to fill gaps in their knowledge.

For instance, since the videos on mySecondTeacher feature a two-way conversation between a teacher and a student, viewers find them more interactive and engaging than the majority of YouTube videos. Similarly, the In-Lesson Quizzes and End-Lesson Quizzes enable students to assess their comprehension of specific topics and receive feedback on their progress.

Entertaining & Educational

It’s a well-known fact that many students find academic videos on YouTube to be tedious and uninteresting, largely due to their monotonous format consisting of a single voice delivering a lengthy monologue. Frankly, it’s not surprising that this kind of presentation can be quite monotonous and uninspiring over time.

However, mySecondTeacher takes a different approach. Our videos feature engaging dialogues, occasional jokes, and fun animations that make even the most mundane topics enjoyable. But these elements aren’t just for entertainment – they actually help viewers retain the material more effectively.

By injecting a bit of humor and visual appeal into our lessons, we strive to create an engaging learning experience that students will look forward to. So say goodbye to boring academic videos and say hello to mySecondTeacher – where learning is not only informative, but also fun!

Variety of Subjects to Choose From

mySecondTeacher is an exceptional platform that stands out for its diverse range of subjects for grade 11 & grade 12. Unlike YouTube, where you may find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer volume of options, mySecondTeacher simplifies the process by providing a wide range of subjects to choose from for the National Examinations Board for grade 11 & grade 12.

The lessons on this platform are expertly curated and presented in a well-organized and comprehensive manner. They are seamlessly structured, ensuring a smooth transition from one video to the next, which is similar to how they are taught in schools. Overall, mySecondTeacher’s subject offerings are of the highest quality, making it an excellent resource for students seeking to excel in their studies.

Free from Distractions

Not an absolute science, but it has been observed that learning on YouTube can get a bit distracting due to its varying algorithm, meddling ads, and suggestions. Videos on mySecondTeacher are free from such external distractions. The entire platform is designed to offer the best online learning environment. With no ads or external distractions, you can focus all your attention on the material at hand, absorbing the information more deeply and retaining it more effectively.

In conclusion, the videos on mySecondTeacher are meticulously curated and thoughtfully organized, ensuring that they are reliable, credible, and meaningful for educational purposes. Conversely, YouTube’s videos lack structure and coherence, with content that may not always be trustworthy or relevant. It is essential to bear in mind that mySecondTeacher is exclusively designed to facilitate learning, whereas YouTube caters to a broad range of content, from educational to entertainment.