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We transform schools by working with them to build 21st century capabilities.

What if you can have an entire school or an entire curriculum at the tip of your fingers? mySecondTeacher does that for you where you can have an overview of your school’s performance anywhere at any time. As school management, you are always looking for ways to improve the education experience for students and teachers.

With mySecondTeacher, you can access real-time insights of student progress, engagement levels and overall academic performance. This helps school leaders and management identify areas that require attention, where targeted interventions can be made to maximise your school’s performance.

The ability to differentiate one’s school from another is very crucial. Unlike generic platforms, like Google Classrooms or Zoom, mySecondTeacher allows schools to prominently brand the platform with the school’s logo and motto. This way, students, parents, teachers, and School Leaders will be accessing the school’s eLearning platform, and not some generic one.

mySecondTeacher is currently available for

Grade 11

Grade 12

A more engaging, intuitive and fun way of learning!

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Feature Highlights

School Branding

Showcase your school’s unique identity by branding the platform with your logo and motto, setting your institution apart from other schools.

Class Information

Get detailed reports of class-based academic activities on our platform and also their comparative stats.

Teachers’ and Students’ Activities

Get detailed reports on the activities of individual teachers and students, or classroom as a whole.

Notices & Announcements

Make announcements to students/teachers/parents, and even send and receive eConsent or survey forms electronically.

School Report

Gain insights into your schools’ performance, including students’ online learning activities, their results, teacher’s performance to name a few. In addition, you can also compare your school with other schools of similar stature. You can easily generate periodic reports and can share them to the stakeholders as per necessity.

Find out how mySecondTeacher integrates advanced pedagogy in classroom teaching!

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