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Grade 11 Business Studies

The Grade 11 Business Studies curriculum consists of eight interconnected units, offering a comprehensive exploration of commerce and entrepreneurship. These units cover introduction to business, business idea, resource mobilization, forms of business ownership, ethics and social responsibility, risk and insurance, taxation, and office management. 

The curriculum begins by highlighting the concept of businesses and its role in a society in the “Introduction to Business” unit. The “Business Idea” unit encourages creative thinking and evaluation of entrepreneurial concepts. “Resource Mobilization” explores how vital assets are managed and utilized in an organization. “Forms of Business Ownership” delves into various types of business organizations such as Sole trading concern, partnership firms, company business, multinational companies and cooperatives. 

“Business Ethics and Social Responsibility” underscores ethical conduct and societal contributions and how it is vital for business organizations to be socially responsible. “Risk and Insurance” equips students with risk management skills focusing mainly on the advantages of insurance policies for businesses. “Taxation” explains various tax types and introduces the concept of Permanent Account Number (PAN) in business.  

“Office Management” focuses on administrative efficiency in terms of organizing and managing files and records in business. Collectively, these units provide a comprehensive understanding of how businesses work, what resources are required to run a business, explore business dynamics while nurturing creativity, ethical responsibility, and risk management. 

The NEB grade 11 Business Studies curriculum equips students with essential knowledge and skills, preparing them to confidently navigate the multifaceted landscape of entrepreneurship and commerce.

Chapters in Business Studies

  • Chapter 1 – Introduction to Business
  • Chapter 2 – Business Idea Generation
  • Chapter 3 – Resource Mobilization
  • Chapter 4 – Sole Trade Concern
  • Chapter 5 – Partnership Firm
  • Chapter 6 – Company Business
  • Chapter 7 – Cooperative Organisation
  • Chapter 8 – Public Enterprises
  • Chapter 9 – Multinational Company
  • Chapter 10 – Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
  • Chapter 11 – Risk and Insurance
  • Chapter 12 – Taxation
  • Chapter 13 – Office Management
  • Chapter 14 – Filing and Indexing
  • Chapter 15 – Indexing

Important topics in NEB Class 11 Business Studies

  • Business as a human activity
  • Components of business environment of Business
  • Creativity and business Idea generation 
  • Business Resources
  • Sole Trading Concern and its Registration Process
  • Partnership Business and Joint Stock Company
  • Social Responsibility of Businesses
  • Types of Insurance
  • Types of Taxes
  • Record Management: Filing and Indexing

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