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For Responsible Teachers

School teachers come first; we second that.

Teachers have access to a comprehensive suite of tools and resources like Interactive Videos, Teaching Resources, and Testpapers to enhance student learning and engagement.

With the ability to easily create, assign, and grade assignments, teachers can gain valuable insights into each student’s progress and provide personalised feedback and support.

Teachers can also use this tool to communicate with students, give announcements, or even conduct classes in real time from anywhere and use it as a one-stop solution for managing and enhancing both virtual and physical classrooms.

mySecondTeacher is currently available for

Grade 11

Grade 12

A more engaging, intuitive and fun way of learning!

Study smart with mySecondTeacher

Feature Highlights


Teachers can easily create, schedule and conduct their online live video-based classes using the mySecondTeacher Classroom itself.


Generate custom Testpapers and marking schemes on different topics, chapters, or the whole syllabus, all with varying difficulty levels.

Reports & Statistics​​

Identify learning gaps in individual students or the entire class using our Mastery Reports to provide timely interventions, personalised feedback, and targeted support.

Group Chat

Connect better with students and enhance collaborative learning with our Group Chat feature. You can also create project-wise groups within the chat feature with great ease.

Teaching Resources

Seamlessly upload and share teaching materials, such as notes, presentations, PDFs, and other relevant content, to ensure that essential educational resources are readily available to students.

Access from any device

Download the mySecondTeacher app today.