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School teachers come first;
we second that.

Many of the students may not be in class today. Since teachers are traditionally expected to command their classrooms, they must be able to create virtual classrooms quickly and direct students to these rooms. We guarantee that creating and conducting online classes with mySecondTeacher will be the simplest and most enjoyable experience you’ve ever had.

Teachers can use mySecondTeacher to create, assign, rate graded assignments, and provide feedback to students. They can also schedule, create, and perform live video-based classes; Access learning tools like eTextbooks, eWorkbooks, and eTeachersGuides, as well as create virtual networks for different student groups and send out student announcements.

In essence, the MST platform combines all the core features needed by teachers to manage both face-to-face and online teaching in a single platform.

Smart Teaching & Learning partner for 21st century teachers.

Teach smart with mySecondTeacher


Teachers can easily create and conduct their online live video-based and text-based classes using the mySecondTeacher Classroom itself.

Reports & Statistics​​

Teachers can identify learning gaps of their students using our Mastery Reports, which aids them to intervene and help the student.


Teachers can generate custom Testpapers and marking schemes on different topics, chapter, or the whole syllabus, all with varying difficulty levels.

Coming Soon

Teachers can use our featured-packed Cambridge endorsed eBooks to help students understand complex topics.

Coming Soon
Group Chat

Our Group Chat helps teachers connect with their students to help them learn better. They can even create project groups within those groups.

Make students’ learning experience fun!