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Grade 12 Compulsory English

The Grade 12 English curriculum is a fascinating journey that encompasses both language development and literature, nurturing students’ language skills and appreciation for literary works. In the language development section, students will explore the realms of reading, vocabulary, grammar, writing, listening, and speaking.

Within the reading segment, students will embark on a delightful adventure of reading passages in an engaging manner and effortlessly answering questions based on their understanding. 

In the Vocabulary section, students will gain a profound understanding of challenging words in each lesson, broadening their word knowledge and language skill. 

The Grammar section will provide them with a grasp of grammar rules and assist them in refining their English speaking and writing styles by making essential adjustments.

The Writing section offers plenty of writing styles to explore, encouraging students to express their creativity while articulating various topics in a captivating manner. 

In the listening section, they will sharpen their listening skills, adeptly responding to questions based on English audio content. 

Moreover, the speaking section can be an opportunity for students to enhance their fluency and effective communication in English, instilling confidence in expressing their thoughts and ideas. 

In the Literature section, students will dive into the captivating worlds of poems, short stories, essays, and one-act plays, unlocking their deeper meanings and emotions. 

Overall, the Grade 12 English curriculum aims to enrich students’ language abilities and literary appreciation, fostering a love for language and the art of storytelling.

Chapters in Compulsory English

  • Chapter 1 – Introduction to Grade 12 Compulsory English
  • Chapter 2 – Language Development (Reading)
  • Chapter 3 – Language Development (Speaking)
  • Chapter 4 – Language Development (Listening)
  • Chapter 5 – Literature (Short Stories)
  • Chapter 6 – Literature (Poem)
  • Chapter 7 – Literature (Essay)
  • Chapter 8 – Literature (One Act Plays)

Important Topics in NEB Class 11 English

  • Literary Analysis
  • Modern Literature
  • Advanced Grammar and Syntax
  • Vocabulary Enhancement
  • Essay Writing
  • Personal Letter and Business Letter
  • Creative Writing
  • Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Literary Elements and Techniques
  • Literary Criticisms
  • Independent Reading with Social and Cultural Background
  • Comprehension Passage/Critical Thinking and Analysis

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