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Your Legacy, The Future.
The Future of education is in your hands.

At mySecondTeacher, we believe that we are the new era of education. Partnering with visionary leaders, we envision a world where students across all boundaries receive a world-class education.

With your initiative, we can provide an in-depth pedagogy that has been curated by expert educators. Utilizing our highly intuitive features and teaching resources, students can now be a part of a journey to academic excellence!

mySecondTeacher is currently available for

Grade 11

Grade 12

A more engaging, intuitive and fun way of learning!

Study smart with mySecondTeacher

Feature Highlights

Interactive Videos

Make the teaching and learning experience fun and entertaining with our student-teacher dialogue videos. Teaching & Learning has never been easier!

Diagnostic Reports

End-of-lesson quizzes and Testpapers provide in-depth reports so teachers can pinpoint a student’s learning gaps and help them master a topic.


Students and teachers can generate testpapers and marking schemes based on topics, chapters or the whole syllabus and with different difficulty levels.

Tutor Support

Students can arrange for scheduled tutorial sessions to seek help while solving problems or help clear concepts of various topics. ​

School Leader’s Insights

A new way to handle daily school operations! Comparative Statistics allows School Leaders to view and compare class performances.


Teachers can identify learning gaps of their students using our Mastery Reports and eBook Read logs, which aids them to intervene and help the student.

World-Class Education

Our in-depth pedagogy has been curated by expert educators. This means students across all boundaries receive a world-class education.

Multi-feature Platform

With features like online lessons, tutor support, diagnostic reports, and more, you can help schools, students and parents usher in a new era of learning.

Find out how mySecondTeacher integrates advanced pedagogy in classroom teaching!

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