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Future of learning, future of Nepal

Award-winning academic delivery platform and comprehensive interactive content with real Tutor Support for the Nepali curriculum (SEE, NEB and more).

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Your second teacher anytime, anywhere!

A more engaging, intuitive and fun way of learning for everyone.

mySecondTeacher, your learning partner, anytime, anywhere!

Ace your exams and become a stellar student with our Interactive Videos, Diagnostic Reports, Testpapers and Tutor Support. Harness the power of modern-day technology to succeed in your academic journey!

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Building the future of education through you!

Developed by expert educators, mySecondTeacher allows you to maximise your teaching capacity by getting more work done in a lot less time!

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Become a 21st-century School Leader!

Streamline your school’s daily operations with our highly intuitive features that provide daily in-depth reporting.

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Get parental insights like never before!

Play an active role in your child’s academic journey with features that provide in-depth reporting on your child’s daily activities.

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Your Legacy, The Future

The Future of education is in your hands. With mySecondTeacher, you can usher in a new era of teaching with our highly intuitive features!

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Learn, discover, clarify and excel like never before!

Your second teacher anytime, anywhere!

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A more engaging, intuitive and fun way of learning!

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Interactive Videos

Make your teaching and learning experience fun with our student-teacher dialogue videos. MST’s Interactive Videos cover the whole examinable syllabus of C. English, Science, C. Math, and Opt. Economics for Grade X Students.


Students and teachers can create custom test papers on a topic, subject, or the entire curriculum using our Testpapers. Teachers can also access a secret test bank to evaluate their students’ progress.

Tutor Support

With our additional learning resource, students can learn everywhere in the form of 24×7 tutorial support. Students can choose between text-based, video-based, or in-person tutoring sessions with our team of experts.

Group Chat

Our group chat helps students and teachers to better connect and exchange ideas. You can even create projects for more efficient communication within these groups. Additional features such as advertisements and reminders keep everybody updated.

Reports and Statistics

Our mastery reports assist students, teachers, and parents in identifying and correcting learning gaps so they can take corrective action. Similarly, school leaders can gain insight by analysing assessment reports, eTestpapers numbers, attendance records, etc.


Teachers can easily create and conduct their live video-based or text-based online classes using the mySecondTeacher Classroom feature. The classes can be recorded so that students can re-watch them later.

Quizzes & Simulations

Our highly interactive in-lesson and end-of-lesson quizzes help students get critical insights like never before! These simulations provide specific and overall insights into the learning behaviour of each student and entire classes via Diagnostic Reports.

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Our NEB endorsed eBooks are packed with bookmarking and note-taking features. Most books even come with self-dictation so that they read themselves! Teachers can use these eBooks for unparalleled insight in classrooms or video sessions.

What our students have to say about us
Samayee Kafle (Nepal)
Grade 10

The amazing range of features like Test paper generation really helped me prepare for my exams even when I had to do it by myself.

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