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Learn – Anywhere, Anytime

Students may use MST to learn from eTextbooks, eWorkbooks, and Interactive Videos, thus making learning more enjoyable. Our Diagnostic Reports and special Testpapers also assist you in identifying learning gaps and gaining an academic edge.
Attend live video-based classes, participate in virtual discussion groups, receive and submit assignments, and get results and input from instructors.

A more engaging, intuitive and fun way of learning!

Study smart with mySecondTeacher

Interactive Videos

Students will have access to Interactive Videos based on the entire examinable syllabus. Our student-teacher dialogue-based videos will keep you engaged while also helping you learn at your own pace.


Students can attempt our instantly generated Testpapers to prepare for exams. Our custom-generated Testpapers replicate the questions asked in the real exams as they are based on past test papers!

Tutor Support

mySecondTeacher connects students with expert educators who are accessible on the platform 24×7. Students can use this feature to opt for a chat-based, video-based or even an in-person session!

Coming Soon

Our NEB endorsed eBooks are packed with features such as bookmarking and note-taking, and can be accessed from any device. Most books come with self-dictation so that they even read themselves!

Coming Soon
Group Chat

Students can connect with their teachers in separate Group Chats to exchange ideas and understand concepts better. They can even create individual project groups within those groups.

Begin your journey of excellence.