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Crafted and tailored online learning platform for all your teaching and learning needs.

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A more engaging, intuitive and fun way of learning!

Study smart with mySecondTeacher

Interactive Videos

Students will have access to Interactive Videosfor Grade 10 and Grade 11. Our student-teacher dialogue-based videos will keep you engaged while also helping you learn at your own pace.


Students and teachers can create custom test papers on a topic, subject, or the entire curriculum using our Testpapers. Teachers can also access a secret test bank to evaluate their students’ progress.

Tutor Support

mySecondTeacher connects students with expert educators who are accessible on the platform 24×7. Students can use this feature to opt for a chat-based, email-based, video-based or even an in-person session!

Group Chat

Students can connect with their teachers in separate Group Chats to exchange ideas and understand concepts better. They can even create individual project groups within those groups.

Reports and Statistics

Our mastery reports assist students, teachers, and parents in identifying and correcting learning gaps so they can take corrective action. Similarly, school leaders can gain insight by analysing assessment reports, eTestpapers numbers, attendance records, etc.


Teachers can easily create and conduct their online live video-based and text-based classes using the mySecondTeacher Classroom itself.

Quizzes & Simulations

We have added additional resources to make learning on the platform even more engaging and fun. Students can take Quizzes and challenge their friends.

Coming Soon

Our NEB endorsed eBooks are packed with bookmarking and note-taking features. Most books even come with self-dictation so that they read themselves! Teachers can use these eBooks for unparalleled insight in classrooms or video sessions.

Experience the Future of Learning

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