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Learn – Anywhere, Anytime

Students may use MST to learn from eTextbooks, eWorkbooks, and Interactive Videos, thus making learning more enjoyable. Our Diagnostic Reports and special Testpapers also assist you in identifying learning gaps and gaining an academic edge.
Attend live video-based classes, participate in virtual discussion groups, receive and submit assignments, and get results and input from instructors.

Our Pedagogy

Let’s say you have two choices

Listening to a long lecture

Having discussion with an expert

Which one would you pick?

Learning occurs naturally when teaching is dialogic in nature. Think about it — Are you more likely to change your mind if someone simply told you to, or if you were involved in a conversation that explored multiple views? Clearly, people would be more likely to remember and understand new information if they were involved in a conversation about that information, rather than simply hearing one person’s view on it (or reading the official definition of that information from a book).

That’s why our approach is based on

Natural Conversations

Our student-teacher dialogue-based videos explain even the most difficult concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. What’s more, you can pause and rewind the videos, allowing you to learn at your own pace.

Shared diagnostics

The responses provided by you in our in-lesson and end-of-lesson quizzes are analysed and shared with your school teachers, so that you can carry on the conversation with them in school.

Online presence

You can also make use of our online tutor support available 24×7. You may schedule your appointment with our tutors beforehand or ad-hoc as required. We are, after all, your second teacher!

Our Technology

To get the desired results, we had to invent some new technology (such as APollo and IVy), innovate on existing ones (such as eBooks, Testpapers, etc). If you are interested, you can read more about the technology we use below.
Tutor Support

Access from any device

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