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Your second teacher anytime, anywhere!

mySecondTeacher is a multiple award-winning academic platform developed in Nepal and used globally by students, parents and educators.

It helps enhance academic experiences by delivering online lessons and resources, and managing assignments. It also provides real-time insights into students’ learning behaviour, allowing teachers and parents to identify areas of improvement and address them promptly. Furthermore, mySecondTeacher’s Chatroom feature enables effective collaboration between students, teachers, parents and school leaders to ensure everyone is informed about the student’s progress and can provide support as needed. This facilitates personalised attention and timely interventions, leading to better academic outcomes.

Our mission to transform the nation through education is the result of our two decades of experience in higher education. This globally proven platform, designed in Nepal and led by the best minds from Singapore and Cambridge, is our guiding light to a brighter future. We will begin with secondary education first and then work our way through the entire learning spectrum. Thanks to a special combination of smart and an easy-to-use platform, we’re on track to making an impact on individual learners, educators, educational institutions and the education system as a whole!

– Sulav Budhathoki
Co-founder of mySecondTeacher

Our Story


mySecondTeacher a product by
Advanced Pedagogy.

Advanced Pedagogy uses modern technologies to improve school education. Our award-winning mySecondTeacher platform enables schools to teach effectively in both online and in-person settings. This helps teachers transition from facilitators to activators, resulting in better learning outcomes for students.


From Nepal to the
world and beyond.

Designed by Cambridge educators and created in Nepal, mySecondTeacher has been adopted by 100s of Cambridge schools around the world. MST seamlessly bridges the gap between school-based learning and home-based learning, all on a single virtual platform.


The journey doesn’t stop,
we are expanding.

mySecondTeacher is actively working to provide SEE subjects and other courses in our successful and widely accepted format. MST is well on its way to changing the face of education through technology.

mySecondTeacher is transforming education, and we invite you to join our amazing platform to experience the benefits for yourself. Join the FUTURE OF LEARNING!

Our Pedagogy

Let’s say you have two choices

Listening to a long lecture

Having discussion with an expert

Which one would you pick?

Learning occurs naturally when teaching is dialogic in nature. Think about it — Are you more likely to change your mind if someone simply told you to, or if you were involved in a conversation that explored multiple views? Clearly, people would be more likely to remember and understand new information if they were involved in a conversation about that information, rather than simply hearing one person’s view on it (or reading the official definition of that information from a book).

That’s why our approach is based on:
Natural Conversation

Our videos are all based on teacher – student conversation. These videos will engage you and you learn naturally at your own pace.

Shared diagnostic

The responses provided by you in our videos are analysed and shared with your school teacher, so that s/he can carry on that conversation with you in school.

Online Presence

You can also discuss with us via our online platform. We are, after all, your second teacher.

Our Offerings

This award winning platform is based on the advanced learning pedagogy pioneered by Advanced Pedagogy. If you wish to seek further information about this company, please visit
Interactive Videos

Grade 10 (SEE)

  •  Science
    • Physics
    • Chemistry
    • Biology
    • Geospace Science
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Economics

mySecondTeacher: Top eLearning Technology Companies in APAC 2020

mySecondTeacher has been awarded with the Top eLearning Technology Companies in Asia-Pacific Region (APAC) 2020 Award by Education Technologies Insights magazine in their annual listing of 10 companies that are at the forefront of providing Online Education solutions and impacting the industry.

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