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How can I score better in Grade 11 mathematics?

Published on August 1, 2023
How can I get better in Grade 11 Math with mysecondteacher

Mathematics can be a challenging subject, but with the right approach and dedication, you can excel in Grade 11 mathematics. In this blog, we will explore practical strategies to help you understand mathematics better and boost your performance. By adopting these tips and utilizing e-learning platforms like mySecondTeacher, you can definitely score better grades in Grade 11 mathematics and build a solid foundation for future success.

So, let’s look into some strategies that can help you achieve A+ in grade 11 mathematics.

Strategies that can help you achieve better grades in mathematics

Know your syllabus and approach it sequentially

First and foremost, you should know your syllabus and your mathematics curriculum for Grade 11. Do not rush to complete all the exercises in the book, and do not skip chapters. Go through the chapters and the topics covered under each chapter thoroughly. It will help you prepare yourself for what’s coming. You will likely have difficulty understanding the latter chapters if you don’t have a good grasp of the previous ones. You can get the syllabus prescribed by Curriculum Development Center (CDC) online or from your school. 

Solve past question papers

Undoubtedly, solving past question papers is another way to become better at mathematics. It makes you familiar with not only the type of questions that might be asked in your exams but also the range of questions you should practice to get better. For that, you can take help from questions available online or from a question bank. Similarly, platforms like mySecondTeacher provide Test Papers and Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) based on past questions. Furthermore, it also provides diagnostic reports of your performances and indicates the areas that require more attention and practice. 

Get additional help from e-learning platforms

Sometimes classroom learning is just not enough. In that case, you can opt for additional classes. But what if you could find the best learning resources for grade 11 mathematics online? Yes, the Nepali online learning platform mySecondTeacher includes curriculum-mapped content for grades 11 and grade 12. They have all the chapters covered for Grade 11 mathematics and that too in the form of interactive videos. Isn’t that exciting?

So, to overcome this problem, one can be smart by choosing an e-learning platform that focuses on your curriculum and is affordable, fun, easy & effective. They can provide you with all the resources required for you to bridge any knowledge gap and become perfect in mathematics.

Study in a group

Studying in a group can be a powerful tool to excel in mathematics, provided it is done effectively. The key is to choose like-minded friends who share a common goal – to excel in mathematics. Group learning offers numerous benefits, such as idea sharing, problem-solving, and fostering creativity by exploring different approaches to tackle the same problem.

Tips to maximize Group Study Focus: Avoid distractions like video games or online shows during sessions. Stay committed to excelling in mathematics and maintain a productive learning environment.

Interact with your teacher

Many students feel awkward asking questions to their teachers. Overcome the awkwardness of asking questions to teachers by stepping out of your comfort zone. Develop a habit of interacting and clarifying doubts during, before, or after classes. Embrace seeking guidance when stuck on problems, knowing teachers are always eager to help enthusiastic learners. Don’t hesitate to consult and build a supportive learning environment.

Relate mathematics with real-life uses

Learning becomes more interesting when you realize its practical uses. For example, if you understand the real-life uses of trigonometry, your interest in trigonometry will increase exponentially.

If you look into how mathematics is taught on mySecondTeacher, you will notice that the teacher not only teaches the theories and concepts but also provides real-life examples and their practical usage in real-world scenarios. This makes learning mathematics even more fun and interesting! 

Practice, Practice, and Practice 

Above all, the most important and the best way to improve in mathematics is to practice, practice, and practice. But do not practice mindlessly. Make efforts to understand your mistakes and work on them to get better. 

Remember, you can use platforms like mySecondTeacher to practice, test yourself and understand the areas you need to improve. mySecondTeacher also simplifies complex concepts to help you understand easily and instills encouragement to learn through helpful diagnostic reports so that you can focus on the topics which you might not have understood well!.   

By applying these strategies, you can work to become smart at Grade 11 mathematics. And to aid in your journey, mySecondTeacher is always there for you.