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Effective Strategies for Self-Studying Grade 12 English Lessons

Published on November 2, 2023

What should I do when I have no one around to help with my Grade 12 English lessons?

There are times when learning seems like a complex maze, and you find yourself just staring at your wall. Well,  learning English could pose a similar challenge: a million words to learn, intricate grammar rules, and literary devices that take your mind for a spin. Discover the best methods for self-learning Grade 12 English to simplify your journey and make it more fulfilling.

While a study buddy or a mentor might help, it is always best to develop language skills by self-learning. So, do you often wonder what you should do when you have no one around to assist you with your Grade 12 English lessons? 

Worry not. This blog will explore various techniques, resources, and innovative ways that can make learning and understanding your Grade 12 English lessons an adventure. We’ll explore the strategies for succeeding in your academic story, from utilising cutting-edge e-learning tools & resources to embracing the skill of self-learning.

How to Learn Grade 12 English Lessons by yourself?

Learning English on your own can be challenging, but it’s a journey that can greatly enhance your language skills and self-confidence. Imagine yourself as the captain of your own learning ship, navigating the seas of English literature and language. While it may seem daunting without a teacher or classmates, this blog will provide you with the tools, strategies, and motivation to succeed in your self-learning journey. Let’s get started with tips and ideas for mastering Grade 12 English lessons independently.

Invest in quality study materials 

Embarking on the journey of self-learning English can be a challenging yet rewarding experience. It’s like becoming the captain of your own learning ship, skillfully navigating the vast seas of English literature and language. Even though it may initially seem daunting to go it alone without a teacher or classmates, this blog is here to empower you with the best methods for self-learning Grade 12 English. We’ll equip you with the necessary tools, effective strategies, and the motivation you need to succeed in your independent learning journey. Let’s begin with valuable tips and ideas for mastering Grade 12 English lessons on your own. 

Look for resources that include a variety of exercises and illustrated examples in addition to clear explanations to help you learn effectively. For instance, choosing a resource that provides thorough explanations and a ton of practice tasks will greatly improve your language skills on a practical level.

Suggestion: Consider using the special features of “mySecondTeacher” as you set out on this journey. This cutting-edge e-learning platform excels at breaking down complex grammatical rules and poems, plays, stories and essays from the literature section into simple interactive video lessons. Diagnostic quizzes that provide detailed assessments and suggestions are thoughtfully included with each lesson to help you check your level of understanding and the steps you can take to improve your learning.

Interactive learning

Students nowadays are fortunate to have more than just textbooks and lectures to learn from. Online digital resources have proven to be very effective for picking up a new language and mastering it.  mySecondTeacher is a prime example of how technology can transform learning into an exciting journey. 

Interactive videos, quizzes, test papers and even AI-generated diagnostics reports gives this learning platform an edge over the others. Imagine immersing yourself in lessons that feature engaging animations that help learners visualise stories in a more clear manner. Learning becomes so much more fun and rewarding, rather than a task.

Track your growth and achievements 

The ability to monitor your progress in real-time is one of the best features of e-learning systems. You’ll always be able to check how much you’ve progressed through your performance in quizzes. This instant feedback also serves as a strong motivator to keep learning and improving.

Suggestion: mySecondTeacher provides valuable insights into the learning habits of each student by:

  • Monitoring the total viewing time for each lesson or chapter
  • Tracking the completion percentage
  • Providing diagnostic reports for each quiz attempted
  • Keeping track of reports from end-of-lesson quizzes and the mastery level achieved

This evidence of progress can be extremely motivating, encouraging you to improve on your English every step of the way. 

Celebrate small wins 

Every accomplishment, no matter how minor, is a success worth celebrating on the road to learning. These milestones should be considered a part of a learner’s path to perfection. Whether it is mastering a difficult grammar exercise or understanding the most complex lessons. No matter how small they may appear, celebrating small milestones encourages you to keep going on your independent learning journey.

Suggestion: Never forget to pause and acknowledge your accomplishments, whether it was finishing an end-of-lesson quiz in mySecondTeacher or understanding a particularly challenging lesson. Recognising your successes helps you stay motivated and reminds you that every step you take brings you closer to perfection.


Grade 12 English learning can be a solo adventure, made successful with quality study materials and tools like mySecondTeacher. Embrace the journey, knowing the internet is your support system. Technology, like ‘mySecondTeacher,’ empowers individualised learning, redefining education. It offers flexible, customised learning opportunities that transcend physical limitations. When English lessons get tough, turn to mySecondTeacher as your interactive self-study guide. Embrace the future, letting technology light the way for your Grade 12 English success.

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