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What is the best way to get good marks in biology in grade 11?

Published on January 18, 2024

Studying hard is only one of the many ways you can score good marks in biology. In this blog, we will give you 5 tips and tricks to help you prepare better for a biology test. They’re a sure-fire way to make your study-time more interesting and effective.   

Learn through videos 

Visual learning is a fun and effective way to learn subjects like biology. It can aid learning at your own pace and rekindle your relationship with the subject in general. With explanatory videos that focus on contextualizing the lessons and avoid stressful tendencies like  last-minute cramming. 

Learning through practical and animated videos,  are designed to break down complex topics into simpler and smaller chunks of lesson.  This makes any topic easier to understand. Further, when exploring topics like origins of life or biodiversity conservation, students can actively engage in the matter through visualization. While there are platforms like  youtube and other video uploading sites that provide ample video examples for each textbook lesson.   While these videos act as a good stepping stone to start your love for Biology but to ensure a more comprehensive understanding, you can look for more interactive learning resources from e-learning platform mySecondTeacher. 

Take a look at the above short clip from a Biology lesson in mySecondTeacher platform. This video encapsulates interactive learning that will allow you to comprehend the frog’s anatomy more thoroughly. Moreover, animated diagrams also contribute to making it easier for students to grasp the study material.

Practice challenging terms 

Biology is riddled with many difficult terminologies. This might be one of the reasons why you are here looking for tips and tricks to score better marks in the subject. We understand your plight. There are a lot of them and they’re quite hard to keep track of and remember especially during an exam. 

To practice challenging terms, you can make flashcards with the difficult words on one side and their meanings or main points on the other side. You can regularly  test yourself to strengthen your memory. We recommend you make this part of your routine. You can also practice easily and quickly with quizzes, like the ones available on platforms such as mySecond Teacher, which includes end-of-lesson quizzes & test papers. Furthermore, when dealing with difficult terms, you can read the material actively, highlight the terms, and write down brief notes for better understanding.

Practice diagrams

There are numerous diagrams in Biology such as cell structures, human physiology,  reproductive systems and so on. During exams, it’s essential not only to draw diagrams clearly but also to label them accurately. So, practicing diagrams before every exam is highly effective as the diagrams help you visualize complex biological concepts such as microbiology and neurons. 

Furthermore, well drawn and correctly labeled diagrams demonstrate a high level of understanding in exams. You can also practice important diagrams using online tools and resources available. The demonstrations available on mySecondTeacher can also be helpful as they offer detailed drawings and the correct way of labeling them.

Solve past papers

Solving past papers in biology is an invaluable strategy for students aiming to improve their grades. You may face problems while attempting to solve a problem during revisions. For you, these papers serve as treasure troves of insight, offering a glimpse into the patterns, formats, and types of questions commonly asked in exams. By actively engaging with past papers, you develop a deeper understanding of the subject matter and hone their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. 

Rather than limiting your practice by solving questions in textbooks, it’s always a better idea to practice with versatile questions. It will increase your practice and confidence. 

Solving past papers can help you practice time management.  You can also practice test papers through mySecondTeacher which includes practice questions. But solving question papers is insufficient, it leaves you uncertain about the accuracy of your answers and understanding. We recommend you look into mySecondTeacher’s interactive videos and all the in-lesson quizzes. They come with AI generated analysis of exactly how you’re faring in every lesson.

Contact teacher 

Learning with a mentor or guide can help while revising for tricky topics. When revising any chapter you might find difficult to understand, consulting with your teacher can certainly help. Your teachers are always there to provide guidance so you should reach out to them if you have any uncertainties about your course.  Rather than waiting until exam season, feel free to approach your teacher during breaks if you face difficulties while revising the material. Their guidance can provide a detailed overview of the curriculum. Moreover, it can also help in  figuring out the area of study you need to focus on.

Scoring good grades in biology can be challenging due to its diverse range of topics, difficult terms and numerous diagrams.  As a student, it is essential to recognize the strategies and utilize the available resources. When you blend these strategies with hard work and consistency, scoring good grades in biology becomes not just a goal but an exciting reality!