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Last Minute Exam Preparation Tips

Published on August 24, 2023
Last Minute Exam Preparation Tips

Alright! So, exams are a day away, and you have learnt everything that is required. Things look good, and you think you’re going to do great. But as the hour of the examination draws near, you find yourself panicking more and more. Like many students, it seems like you’ve got a case of last-minute exam anxiety. 

This is a common experience, and we have all been there. So don’t worry! Here are some last-minute Exam Preparation Tips to help you avoid and get through such situations

Focus on Summaries, Not the Entire Syllabus

The evening before the exams, it is quite normal to obsess about revising the entire syllabus over and over again. But every time you finish the last topic, you start biting your nails, stressing over the thought that you must have definitely forgotten something! It usually makes you anxious and tires you out, which as a result, is likely to make you forget more!

Hence, you should revise only the summaries. They could be just the headings and topics, mnemonics, diagrams/blocks, formulas, charts, or short notes. Focus only on them. You do not have time to go through the whole book anymore. 

Also, some short and effective videos on the topics of your choice might make your revision even better. Various online learning platforms such as mySecondTeacher could come in handy at this hour. 

Test Yourself

After finishing your preparation, it is best to test yourself. Doing so boosts confidence and helps prevent exam anxiety. It also familiarizes you with the type of questions that will be asked and makes it easier to formulate answers during the exams.  

If you do not have access to mock question papers, you can find sample test papers on e-learning platforms like mySecondTeacher in Nepal. Along with the test papers, mySecondTeacher also provides feedback on the areas you need to revise based on your performance in quizzes within the platform for any particular topic of any subject! .

Do not hesitate to ask your teacher for help

Confusions or inadequate understanding of concepts or subject matters often lead to examination anxieties. So if you are nearing your examinations and still have doubts regarding any subject matter, you should not hesitate to seek help from your teacher. In most cases, teachers feel glad when students seek help from them.

But sometimes, it can be hard to reach teachers during off-school hours. In those cases, it might benefit to seek help on online academic channels

Friends in Need are Friends Indeed 

Group studying with friends can be a great way to make last-minute exam preparations. Through group studying, you can be made aware of important topics that slipped your mind and clarify any confusion or doubts you might have. 

A good exercise during group studying is to explain the most important topics to one another. Just speak your ‘brains’ out!

Furthermore, group studying also helps to settle nerves before exams. Knowing that you are not alone in what is to come provides some comfort. 

Also, if you cannot meet your friends physically, you could catch up with them on GroupChats on online learning platforms. 

Relax Again, Take Breaks

Yes, you heard it right. Do not pressure yourself to complete all of your revision in one go. It will only cause stress. Be positive and confident. Reward yourself with short breaks every now and then if you need them. During those breaks, you could take a short stroll around your neighborhood to get your blood flowing, listen to some relaxing music, or do anything that will ease your nerves. However, be careful not to distract yourself with social media or video games. This could potentially result in hours being wasted without you even realizing it! 

Let’s Talk About Food

Food also plays an important role in determining your energy levels, attention, and memory required to do well in your exams. For instance, dark chocolate improves your memory, learning, and focus. Likewise, fruits have such benefits too. But be sure to stay away from junk food. They lead you to become fatigued and result in poor focus and concentration. Finally, drink plenty of water. A hydrated body is necessary for a concentrated mind.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep!

A common mistake made by students is they study late into the night before exams, only to forget it all during the exams. Sleep matters! Seven to nine hours of sleep is essential for overall mental well-being, not just memory. A well-rested mind can recall easily, concentrate properly, and tackle problems promptly. Hence, it is better to sleep without reading an extra lesson than to be fatigued and forget more on the day of your exam! 

Before We Say Goodbye 

Finally, you must realize that preparing for an exam hastily can never produce the results that careful preparations can bring. Hence, you should always prepare beforehand and allow yourself plenty of time to study the lessons comprehensively and revise regularly.

And if you require guidance to help you perform better in your academics, from learning to practicing and assessing yourself, we recommend you to sign up with mySecondTeacher. We can confidently say that we can help you with any academic difficulty. So, why don’t we introduce ourselves after your exam tomorrow? 

All the best!