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I am a teacher, how can I make teaching fun?

Published on December 15, 2023

For teachers, mySecondTeacher can become a trusty companion in creating engaging and enjoyable classroom experiences for their students. When used by passionate and fun-loving teachers, this platform becomes a real game-changer in the world of teaching. 

You’re here looking to make teaching and learning in your classroom fun and mySecondTeacher has 5 creative tips for just that. 

Let’s get started!

Flipped Learning

Flipped learning is an innovative educational approach that reshapes traditional classroom dynamics by flipping the sequence of conventional learning activities. In this methodology, students engage with course content, such as videos, presentations, or reading materials, before even entering the class.  This allows for the in-class time to focus on interactive discussions, problem-solving, and collaborative activities aimed for deeper understanding among the students

Imagine getting rid of long and tiring lectures where students’ attention is diverted most of the time. You can have students watch instructional videos at home to grasp foundational concepts. Instead of you asking questions to the students, you can have the students come to class with their questions and allot the much precious class time to actively apply the knowledge through guided experiments and group discussions. 

mySecondTeacher already embodies this practice in its features.  Teachers can assign students  video lessons and take quizzes already embedded into the video. Alternatively, you can even choose to quiz your students in class to gauge their grasp of the topic. The quiz generates a diagnostic report highlighting students’ strengths and weaknesses. This report can aid you in determining the best way to further engage with your students. 

Contextual Learning Your students are more likely to have that much sought after aha moment when the lesson’s concepts are relevant to their everyday lives. If you are a physics teacher, you can use everyday garments like weaved sweaters and cotton fabrics to discuss forces and tension in materials. 

With mySecondTeacher, each lesson is already contextualized with  relevant examples connecting the real world scenarios with the topic for better understanding. 

For example, when teaching a lesson on Physics about forced oscillation, mySecondTeacher provides a video illustrating why continual pushes are required to keep a swing in motion.

Gamify learning to reinforce concepts and rewarding

Another way to make teaching fun in your classroom is gamification.  By turning key elements of the lesson into games, gamification creates an emotional connection between the content you’re teaching and your students. 

One way you can gamify your class is by creating engaging quizzes or games. Load each lesson with rewards like achievement badges, certificates, or if you’re feeling extra generous one golden homework pass.

For this, mySecondTeacher has already got you covered as it comes equipped with in-lesson-quiz and end-lesson-quiz. Combine this essential gamification feature with some creative rewards and your students should be hooked to learning from the get go. 

Integrating Hands-On Activities 

Engaging students in learning is crucial, and hands-on, experiential learning activities play a pivotal role in achieving this goal. Hands-on learning involves active participation where students use practical activities, such as experiments, projects, or building models, to understand concepts by doing rather than just observing.

When you integrate hands-on activities into lessons, learning becomes an exciting and immersive experience. Hands-on activities, when done right, also encourages problem-solving, teamwork, and critical thinking in students. Sure, it can get a bit messy and chaotic but the break in regular classroom structure will allow your students to  engage with the subject matter practically. 

For example: The ring test for nitrate ions is a practical demonstration that involves the reaction between nitrate ions and an iron(II) compound in an acidic environment. This test is used to demonstrate the presence of nitrate ions by the formation of a distinctive brown ring. By performing this experiment, students can observe chemical reactions, understand complex formation, and learn about the detection of specific ions. It helps to reinforce their understanding of ion reactions and the principles behind qualitative analysis.

Interactive/Synchronous Learning

Creating a warm and friendly environment in the classroom is like adding a secret touch to enhance the teaching-learning experience. When you can establish a positive connection with your students, they are more likely  to ask questions or share their concerns in real time instead of gauging their understanding only during exams.

mySecondTeacher, created with an active classroom in mind, has just the feature to keep the questions and learning flowing.  With top-notch chat rooms acting as an open door during sessions students can chat with teachers and their classmates to solidify learning and conceptual   understanding. Your students can ask questions, share thoughts, and learn together. 

mySecondTeacher makes learning feel like watching a movie & playing a game. By using features that can be used in flipped learning, real-world  connections, gamification, and open discussion between you and your students, the platform is equipped to transform any classroom into a rich learning environment. 

Check out various packages available at mySecondTeacher for Grade 11 and Grade 12 to learn more . Register now to make your teaching as fun as it can get!